Dining in Shanghai is going to be an experience of a lifetime, as what awaits you is not just the best food from the region but also foreign foods which have been aptly blended with Shanghai cuisine.

Dining in Shanghai

The commercial capital of the People's Republic of China, boasts of one of the best and distinctive cuisines of the country. The neighbors of Shanghai also contribute to the diversity of the city's cuisine. The proximity of Shanghai to the Yangtze River delta, results in abound dishes made from fresh water fish and shellfish. At Shanghai, you can enjoy all the best food from home and abroad completely suiting your budget type. The traditional Shanghai cuisine, also known as Hu Cai, includes two categories Benbang cuisine, literally meaning local cuisine and Haipai cuisine, meaning all-embracing cuisine.

The Benbang cuisine and the Haipai cuisine are the top cuisines on which mostly dishes in the region are prepared. The local Benbang cuisine always has a great taste and bright color, derived from preparing it in oil and soybean sauce. The local people of Shanghai have sweet tooth and hence mostly sugar is used in the preparation of dishes. The local delicacies mostly taste fresh, mellow and a little sweet. The chefs of China have taken the most advantage of the cosmopolitan culture, Shanghai enjoyed from the past four centuries. The Haipai cuisine is the best example of the same. The Haipai cuisine blends the best flavors of other local cuisines of China and western cuisines as well. Both the cuisines commonly however, make abundant use of fresh meat, fish, chicken, shrimps, crabs and vegetables.

Shanghai has lately however been undergoing a healthy trend, with the dishes becoming less oily and using lower amounts of rich ingredients. Eating in Shanghai is not expensive, if one is on a budget. Here you will find street-side kiosks, middle-range priced restaurants and other eating joints. At the same time, one can also experience luxurious and fine dining experience at many of the star rated restaurants located in the city. At Shanghai you can savor large amounts of freshly prepared sea-food. Some of the must-try dishes are You Bao He Xia made from live shrimps, Xia Zi Da Wu Shen noted for its great taste and nutritional value, smoked fish, Shanghai hairy crabs and sautéed shelled shrimps among others. Here you can also try your hands at stewed chicken and local snacks like fried stuffed buns, vegetable stuffed buns, chop rice cake, yellow crab pastry, Leisha dumplings and Wonton. One of the famous sweet delicacies of Shanghai is Nian Gao, a Chinese New Year's cake, without any butter or eggs inside, made of 80 percent water and 20 percent glutinous rice flour. In Shanghai, the vegetarians can also be satisfied, as there are a host of vegetarian and fast food international chains present in the city.