Qinhuangdao enjoys a strategic position and can be reached easily through air and marine transport. The city also boasts of an excellent rail and road network for commuting.

Transportation in Qinhuangdao

The transportation system of Qinhuangdao is well developed. Owing to the strategic position the city enjoys, it can be easily reached through air and marine transportation. Commuting within the city is also hassle free as it enjoys an excellent road and rail network. Adjacent to the Bohai Sea, the city was one of the first fourteen open coastal cities in China. In wake of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the city has improved its already well laid transportation network. The Qinhuangdao Airport has undergone some change that has immensely pushed the transportation capacity there.

The airport in Qinhuangdao facilitates a host of lights to most of the cities of mainland China as well as international flights to Russia. The city also boasts of a superior rail network. There are four major railway stations in the city namely the Qinhuangdao Railway Station, Beidaihe Railway Station, Changli Railway Station and the Shanhaiguan Railway Station. There are frequent rail services between Qinhuangdao and other major cities of mainland China. During the Beijing Olympics 2008, special fast trains are going to run between Qinhuangdao and other Olympic co-host cities of the Summer Olympic Games.

Being a coastal city, marine transportation is another means of reaching the port city. Regular ferries ply to Qinhuangdao from the neighboring Korea and other port cities of China. The city is connected to mainland China through expressways and highways, which make transportation by road another viable option. Long-distance bus stations facilitate daily bus service to most of the major cities of China. The city buses on the other hand make commuting absolutely hassle free and affordable within Qinhuangdao. The city buses ply to almost every nook and corner of the city. Taxis are another means of transportation within the city. The fares are decided for the taxi on the basis of the distance and the meter readings. Another excellent means of commuting within the city is on bicycles and motorbikes. One can hire these two-wheelers on rent and experience a sense of freedom and adventure in the beautiful port city.