Snacks are an integral part of Tianjin cuisine. The city offers you both luxurious dining as well as easy to grab food at the street side. Know more about dining in Tianjin here.

Dining in Tianjin

Tianjin offers to a visitor not just traditional local snack, for which it is famous but also other cuisines from mainland China and the world. The port city is especially famous for sea-food as one can get fresh catch every day. The city is known for its food-streets, where you can find luxurious fine dining restaurants and at the same time mouth-watering snacks at the roadside kiosks. In fact it is a great idea to try good roadside kiosks serving world famous Tianjin snacks. These street side small restaurants and vendors are particular favorites of the local people, who mostly prefer to have the mouth-watering snacks from these places.

As emphasized earlier, the city is famous for preparing a wide variety of snacks both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Goubuli Baozi (steamed stuffed bun) is one of the oldest snacks served in the city. The snack has grown so much in popularity that now it is found in almost all the eating out places in other parts of China. Shiba Jie Mahua (fried dough twist) is a sweet smelling and crispy snack that can also be stored for few months. Another traditional featured Tianjin snack is the fried cake. The snack has a distinct flavor with crispy outer surface and inside having soft thin bean feeling which is sweet in taste.

Tianjin is also famous for some very unusual dishes. People here try their hands at different kinds of meats. Dishes are prepared here from Sparrow, donkey and grasshopper meat. Local flavors, herbs and cooking styles turn these meats into some of the finest exotic dishes, Tianjin is famous for. So, people who are ready to experiment with non-vegetarian dishes, surely have a treat awaiting them. People who intend to stick to popular international continental food have no reason to worry, as Tianjin houses most of the popular international fast food chains. Burgers, chicken buckets and pizzas too hence come all handy at Tianjin. Also popular and common in Tianjin are Islamic cuisine owing to the large concentration of Muslims in the region. The city hence has diverse delicacies to offer to a visitor to satisfy his taste buds.