Here we have provided all the necessary details about the weather of Hong Kong, especially in the month of August, when the Beijing Olympics 2008 are scheduled to be held.

Hong Kong Weather

Hong Kong will be hosting the Equestrian event in the month of August during the Beijing Olympics 2008. Hence, if you are planning to visit Hong Kong during this time, it will be advantageous to know about the weather conditions in Hong Kong during this time of the year. Individuals who will be in the island in the month of August can plan there wardrobe, on the basis of the climatic conditions that are enjoyed by Hong Kong at this time. Situated just south of the Tropic of Cancer, Hong Kong's climate is sub-tropical and is known to be unpredictable.

The summer months, during which the Beijing Olympics 2008 will be hosted, are hot and humid, with occasional showers and thunderstorms. The summer season lasts in Hong Kong the month of May to mid-September. This however is also the time when tropical cyclones are most likely, which sometime result in landslip and flooding. Owing to rain showers, humidity levels usually rise in Hong Kong during summers. The late summer months witness humidity levels of about 86 percent. The temperature during this time ranges between 26oC to 33oC. Short sleeves and cotton clothes are best for the season. To prevent the intense sunshine, it will also be advisable to use and umbrella or a hat.

Hong Kong also like most of the regions has typically four climates. After the sunny days, autumn sets in from late September to early December. There is tremendous drop in the humidity levels and temperature. The temperatures during this time range from 18oC to 28oC. The winter months in Hong Kong are cool and dry. The temperature drops at about 10oC making it absolutely essential to bring out the woolens. The months of spring season lasting from March to Mid Amy are the most pleasant days in Hong Kong. The weather becomes extremely pleasant with tolerable humidity levels. This is also the season in which tourists from other regions of china and beyond come for holidaying in the island.