Qinhuangdao enjoys mild continental monsoon climate with mild summers and snowy winters. Know more about the weather of Qinhuangdao here.

Qinhuangdao Weather

Qinhuangdao enjoys a very pleasant climate throughout the major part of the year. It has a mild continental monsoon climate that is tremendously influenced by its location. Qinhuangdao is a port city and lies adjacent to the Bohai Bay. Being a coastal city the climate of the region is affected by its proximity to the sea. The city lies between the mountains and the sea and enjoys mild summers and cold and snowy winters. The pleasant temperature throughout the year is in fact a reason for the tremendous influx of domestic and overseas tourists in the city. It is in fact termed as the ideal summer resort of the People's Republic of China. The yearly temperature average here at about 10.5 degree Celsius.

The port city enjoys fresh and cool air and agreeable temperature. Lying within the temperate monsoon zone and adjacent to the Bohai Sea, the summers in Qinhuangdao are not very hot but it is the humidity levels that become a little unbearable. July is the hottest month of the year and during this time as well temperature soars to merely 300C. Light cotton wear with a hat or umbrella to protect you from the sun are adequate summer gears for Qinhuangdao. The month of August, during which the Beijing Olympics will take place in the city also has mild warmth but rains occur at this time. Hence carrying an umbrella along is advisable. Winters in Qinhuangdao sets in from the month of October and lasts till mid March. The city is engulfed in snow during the months of late December and January. The month of January is the coldest with temperatures dipping down to -16o/-14oC. Spring and autumn are a pleasant time in Qinhuangdao and the ideal period to enjoy your vacations in the city.