Located in Southeast China, Shanghai is easily accessible from different parts of the world. The city has excellent means of transportation in the present times.

Transportation in Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the busiest transportation hubs in China. Situated along the Yangtze River delta, the city is one of the most significant financial and commercial centers of not just China but the world. The city has an extremely well laid out network of public and private transportation. Air travel in Shanghai is extremely feasible with the presence of two international airports. The Shanghai Pudong International Airport and the Hong Qiao Shanghai Airport are the two airports that witness running of several international airlines to the major destinations across the globe.

Shanghai also has an excellent network of rail, with trains plying to and from other parts of mainland China. There are a number of long distance fast trains that can be used to visit other parts of China at an affordable and quick rate. The city also offers special holiday and tourist trains from Shanghai to scenic areas of the surrounding provinces. There are also metro trains running in few parts of the city. This is one of the quickest ways of traveling within Shanghai. The city owing to its proximity with the Yangtze River delta is also accessible through marine transportation. One can reach Shanghai from the surrounding regions via boats and ships as well. Shanghai is located on the estuary of Yangtze River and mid-point of China's north-south coastline. It currently stands as the largest port of People's Republic of China.

The best and the cheapest means of commuting within the city of Shanghai are through city buses. The city has excellent infrastructure for transportation. There are broad, well constructed roads, four national highways and four expressways passing through Shanghai. The city has a very efficient public bus transportation system, with buses plying on more than 1,000 routes. The long distance travel is served by about 40 long distance bus-stations of Shanghai. One can also hire a taxi in the city to explore and visit different places in Shanghai.