Shenyang has a semi-moisture continental monsoon climate, with four clearly defined seasons. Know more about the weather conditions of Shenyang here.

Shenyang Weather

Shenyang is located in the temperate zone and enjoys sub-humid continental climate under the influence of monsoons. The city has four distinctive seasons with concentrated rainfall. Shenyang is located at the juncture of the Liaohe Plain and offshoot of Changbai Mountain. Largely the topography of Shenyang is characterized by the plains. The western Shenyang is dominated by plains while in eastern part is the mountainous region covered with green forests and plants. Like most of the places of China, there is a remarkable variation between the temperature during the day and night. Here the spring and autumn seasons are short lived in comparison to summers and winters.

Shenyang throughout the year enjoys a pleasant weather except the winter season when it snows heavily in the city. The summer season sets in Shenyang in late April or early May and lasts till September. July happens to be the hottest month of the year with temperature soaring to a high of 31oC. The month of August which will witness the co-hosting of the Beijing Olympics 2008 enjoys a relatively hot and humid climate. The level of humidity is however not very high, if compared to some other cities of China. Rains in Shenyang occur mainly during the turn period from spring to summers and summers to winters.

The ideal time to visit Shenyang is between March to October. The month of October witnesses the onset of winters in Shenyang that lasts till February. The month of January is the coldest month of the year with temperature dipping down to -16o/-18o C. The winter season in Shenyang are absolutely pristine white, with snow engulfing the entire city. The city is hence a popular destination for winter games and festivals. One visiting the city during winters should take adequate winter protective gear as chilly winds blow during the season in Shenyang. Spring season is the time when the entire city is covered by fresh colorful blooming flowers. The autumn season also enjoys a pleasant temperature with the sky remaining clear and fresh breeze blowing.