Tianjin offers various options to a visitor for lodging in accordance with the individual's budget. Given below is information about the kind of accommodation options one has in Tianjin.

Accommodation in Tianjin

A wide variety of hotels are available in Tianjin that meets the diverse needs of a visitor. One can choose from a plethora of hotels, guest houses and hostels to live in that cater to one's respective needs. These living places also suit all kinds of budgets. Here you will get the most luxurious hotels that provide all the facilities that are expected from a star rated hotel. International chains of hotels can also be found in the port city of Tianjin. One can also choose as to whether he or she intends to stay in the heart of the city or at the outskirts with less hustle bustle to enjoy its tranquility.

Tianjin is one of the four municipalities of China and is divided into six major areas or districts. Most of the luxury and star rated hotels of Tianjin are located in the Hexi and Heping districts. Some of the luxurious hotels of Tianjin are the Renaissance Tianjin Hotel, Tianjin Golden Crown Hotel, Sheraton Tianjin Hotel, Crystal Palace Hotel, Holiday Inn, Teda Central Hotel, Geneva Hotel and Tianjin Victory Hotel among others. Tianjin every year receives a number of business travelers. Hence these luxurious hotels are well equipped to hold international business conferences and offer facilities combining both business and pleasure.

Tourism is fast growing in Tianjin and this has led to a rise in the number of budget hotels in the city. After being pronounced one of the co-host cities of Beijing Olympics 2008, the city has further geared up to receive numerous visitors in the month of August. The budget hotels will have all the amenities to make your stay comfortable in Tianjin and at the same time will be pocket-friendly. The Jian Gong Super 8 Hotel, Jinjiang Inn Tianjin Tanggu and Tianjin Friendship hotel are some of the budget hotels one finds in the city. The city also houses some international youth hostels that are very affordable and don't even require membership to get a booking done. Similarly one will also get affordable guesthouses in the city. Tianjin City Youth Hostel and Tianjin Honeybear Guesthouse are few such affordable places of accommodation in Tianjin.