Shenyang as the capital of the Liaoning Province is visited by people for both business and leisure needs. The city provides adequate lodging facilities in accordance with your budget type.

Accommodation in Shenyang

Shenyang as the capital of the Liaoning Province is an important political, economic and cultural centre. People visit the city for diverse purposes. The popular destination in northeast China has ample accommodation facilities, catering to people with diverse budgets and needs. The city has all the more geared up its lodging facilities in wake of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The city is one of the six co-host cities for the coveted Games and will be hosting football preliminaries. Here we have given you necessary information regarding the accommodation options one can avail in the city.

Shenyang is a bustling economic centre in northeast China. The city turns host to people from across the globe who come here for business ventures. The city hence has a host of luxury star rated hotels, which provide the ultimate luxury experience and let people combine work and leisure. Here apart from the domestic luxury hotels, one will also find international chains of hotels. Some of the star rated luxurious hotels in Shenyang are Gloria Plaza hotel, Sheraton Lido hotel, Traders hotel and Kingdom hotel among others. The city also boasts of many medium price ranged hotels that too offer a visitor a luxurious experience. Liaoning and Railway hotel among others are two such hotels. The city also has its share of budget hotels and guesthouses that provide basic living facilities in the city at a moderate price. There are hence all kinds of lodging facilities one can avail in the city, suiting their pockets. It will be however advisable to get prior booking done in the city, if visiting it during the Beijing Olympics 2008. The city is expected to receive large number of foreign athletes, dignitaries and spectators that is bound to create a rush for the hotels.