Transportation hub of northeast China, Shenyang is well connected to most of the cities of mainland china as well as prominent international cities.

Transportation in Shenyang

The city of Shenyang is the transportation hub of northeast China. It is here that one witness's heavy domestic and overseas traffic. It is a city that is well-connected to almost all the cities of mainland China and prominent international cities. The Shenyang Taoxian International Airport happens to be the largest airport of northeast China. The airport facilitates travel to 58 domestic cities and other prominent foreign cities in Japan, Korea, Singapore, France, America, Australia, Thailand and Russia. Reaching Shenyang is hence not much of a hassle.

Shenyang has one of the heaviest traffic hubs of railways in China. It is one of the largest transition stations and hence has two major railway stations. The two major stations are the Shenyang Train Station and the North Shenyang Railway Station. The excellent railway network connects Shenyang to other cities of not only the northeast region but also other cities of mainland China. The superhighways also extend in all directions, connecting not only the cities of the province but also other major cities like Beijing, Harbin, Dalian, Fushun, Tianjin, Changchun and many more. The superhighways or speedways enable swift transportation to these cities from and to Shenyang. Here you can get long distance buses from any of the numerous Long-distance bus stations in the city.

Shenyang is one of the first cities in northeast China to put into place the urban high-speed road transportation construction plan. This aimed at constructing an efficient urban public transport system, with subway as the backbone of swift travel. There are more than 3,000 city buses running in Shenyang for local commutation. Shenyang also has a host of taxi companies that operate private cabs in the city. The prices are on the basis of distance traveled and the readings of the meter. Traveling within Shenyang is hence not a trouble at all.