Transportation in Tianjin was already well laid and now with the city co-hosting the Beijing Olympics, the public transportation services have been tremendously updated.

Transportation in Tianjin

Tianjin is one of the rapidly developing cities of People's Republic of China that is fast emerging as a favorite tourist destination and international economic center. Transportation is hence an important factor that has contributed and is a result of this growth. The city also assumes importance due to its proximity with capital city Beijing and being the largest man-made port of China. The Tianjin Binhai International Airport is an important transportation hub of China. The airport is approximately about 13 km away from the city center. More than 40 international and national airlines operate at the airport in Tianjin. From the airport flights to major national and international cities of Europe, Middle East, Asia and Americas ply.

Tianjin city also boasts of an excellent rail network. The city has four railway stations out of which the two important ones are the Tianjin West Railway station and the Tianjin Train station. Traveling by trains is the best option to commute within mainland China. Tianjin being an important city is well connected with almost entire China by rail network. Traveling to Beijing from Tianjin is most convenient through 'T trains' that run almost every hour and take about just one hour to reach Beijing. The city also has an excellent network of roads and expressways that connect Tianjin with other major cities of China. There are several long distance bus stations within the city that provide bus services to the major cities of China.

The Tianjin Public Transport Company in wake of the Beijing Olympics Games has geared the city for co-hosting the event by improving the transportation facilities in the city. The Tianjin Public Transport Company has launched 78 model bus lines, 20 standardized service bus lines and 10 standardized quality service bus lines. The city's transportation department is also planning to upgrade or replace the 2513 new buses in wake of the Olympics. New bus terminals and stops have also been added in Tianjin. Another mode of transportation in Tianjin is through water. Tianjin happens to be the biggest man-made port within China and has both international as well as domestic sea-routes. The international routes of Tianjin are to Korea and Japan, while the domestic sea routes are to Dalian, Yantai and Longkou.