Tianjin offers to its visitors both an option of traditional shopping stores as well as modern shopping malls. Here is your guide to shopping in Tianjin.

Shopping in Tianjin

Shopping is one of the activities that is always on one's mind when visiting a new city. Tianjin is a complete paradise for people who love to shop and take souvenirs back home. Here you will find both traditional shopping stores as well as modern shopping malls. Tianjin like any other developed city of China will offer you good brand stores for accessories, clothes and gadgets. The city also offers antique items along with traditional hand-woven carpets and clay figurines that are famous world over. Shopping in Tianjin is surely going to be memorable experience for those who have a taste in arts and handicrafts.

One of the most popular shopping places in Tianjin that is also famous world wide is Gu Wenhua Jie or Jinmen Guli. The entire street is filled with shops selling antiques, jade articles, traditional handicrafts like Niren Zhang painted sculptures and Weiji kites. This traditional shopping destination also provides you with a great architectural spectacle as both the sides of the street imitate architectural styles of the Qing dynasty. Other places from where you can purchase traditional handicrafts are Yilin Ge and Wenyuan Ge. Shenyang antique market is another place where you can lay your hands on antique goods that too with a little bargaining.

The Bijniang Dao or street is one of the busiest shopping streets of Tianjin. Here you can get most of the general items one can think of. The Heping Business Street is a blend of both western and eastern shopping experience. Here you will find some of the leading western stores as well as few famous traditional Chinese stores. In Tianjin as mentioned earlier, you will also find modern western shopping complexes like Isten shopping mall, Parkson shopping center, Jinhui shopping square and supermarkets like Wal-Mart. Shopping hence couldn't get better with a variety of items to choose from which do suit varied budget types.