Get information about Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Ground, venue for beach volleyball in Beijing Olympics 2008 including its location and seat capacity.

Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Ground

Location Chaoyang Park
Event Base Volleyball
Seat Capacity 12,000

Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Ground
Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Ground, as the name suggests, is holding base volleyball event in Beijing Olympic 2008. The volleyball ground contains 17,000 tons of fine sand brought from Hainan.

Know the Venue
The volleyball ground media village has been designed in accordance with the standards set by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). The concept of Green Olympics has been kept in view while developing the site. Previously existing workshops and industrial storerooms on the sites have been temporarily converted into office space rather than having new offices built. This has saved time, effort and environment. An LDC screen has been set up and a large enough audience section has been constructed.

A sun-chasing solar power generation system has been installed at the Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Ground. The mechanism controls a rotating battery which switches according to where the sun shines, thereby maximizing the amount of solar power collected. Efforts have been done to use clean or renewable energy resources. Concepts of ground source heating and sewage heat have been used. Waste water is treated, purified and reused. Rainwater recycling system has also been set up.

Preservation of Sand
As mentioned, sand used for making the beach volleyball ground has been brought from Hainan. Special efforts have been done to protect the sand from snow and wind. It has been put under a large cotton blanket, a protective green tarpaulin, which is 20,000 sq m waterproof tarp shielding the sand from wind, snow and leaves. Melted snow is taken to a body of water adjacent to the volleyball ground through a special drain system. The park personnel guard the sand round the clock.

Pre Olympic Games
Prior to Olympics, the Chaoyang Park hosted 2007 FIVB Beach Volleyball Women's Challenger in August 2007.