Know Beijing Olympic Green Archery Field, venue for archery in Beijing Olympics 2008 including location, seating system and accessibility.

Beijing Olympic Green Archery Field

Location Olympic Green
Event Archery
Seating Capacity 5,384

Olympic Green Archery Field
Beijing Olympic Green Archery Field, located in Olympic Green, is hosting archery competitions in Beijing Olympics, 2008. It is a temporary venue and will be dismantled when the Olympics culminate. All efforts have been done to keep the venue environment-friendly as per the commitments of the organizers.

The Field
The Olympic Green Archery Field is located in Olympic Green, north of the National Stadium, or Bird's Nest. It is in neighborhood the Olympic Green Hockey Field and Olympic Tennis Center. The archery venue has three fields. A 23-target field has been made for competition warm-up and ranking round. A field has been earmarked for elimination and final rounds, while the third field is for elimination rounds. The final competition range makes a V shape.

Know the Venue
As a temporary venue, the spectator stands have been made of lightweight steel which can be easily set up and dismantled. All steps have been taken to make the venue energy-efficient and environment-friendly. Recycled water from two water plants is used to keep the field green.

Seating System
Total seating capacity at the venue is 5,384. The seats have been set up in such a way that they could be easily removed after the event. Spectator seats encircle the range on three sides: south, east and west. For safety causes, no seats have been placed behind the targets. Ample distance has been kept between the spectator stands and the archery field.

The venue is easily accessible by bus or subway. You could also take your own vehicle. Enough parking has been provided in the venue.

Post Olympics use
After the Olympics, the whole structure of the archery field will be dismantled and it would become a part of the Olympic Green recreation centre park.