Learn about Fencing Hall of National Convention Center, venue for Modern Pentathlon in Beijing Olympics 2008. Sports of fencing and shooting will be played at this venue.

Fencing Hall of National Convention Center

Location Olympic Green
Events Modern Pentathlon (fencing and shooting)
Type Temporary
Seating Capacity 6,000

Fencing Hall of National Convention Center
Fencing Hall of National Convention Center, located at Olympic Green in Beijing, is hosting Modern Pentathlon (fencing and shooting) in Beijing Olympics 2008. The venue would be holding preliminary and final competitions of the event. It will also play a role in Paralympic, hosting the Wheelchair Fencing and Boccia events. The Fencing Hall will witness a large number of reporters due to its location near the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) and Main Press Center (MPC).

Floor area of the venue is 6400 square metre. Seating capacity of the venue is 6000. However, after the Olympics, these seats will be removed. The fencing hall has a roof spanning 81 meters.

Know the Venue
The fencing training gymnasium is situated on the first floor banquet hall of the National Conference Center. The game-management rooms have been made on the second floor. The formal competition venue is located on the fourth floor. The venue includes a training hall for fencing, event management offices, warm-up facilities, and an official competition hall. It is equipped with ten fencing lanes and 36 shooting targets. Green features have been incorporated in the venue resulting in energy savings and water conservation. The venue has earned acclaim for its worldwide compatibility.

Pre Olympic Games
Prior to Olympics, Good Luck Beijing 2007 Modern Pentathlon World Cup Final have been held in the Centre.

Post Olympic Use
After the Olympics, the venue will be converted into a large conference hall having capacity for 6,000 people. The fencing competition and warm-up facilities will be converted into a 3,000-person banquet room. Thus, the use objective of the venue will completely change after the Olympics. The conference room will be just second to the current Great Hall of the People.