Beijing Olympic Green Tennis Court will host all tennis matches in Beijing Olympics 2008. The venue would host preliminaries and finals of tennis matches.

Beijing Olympic Green Tennis Court

Location Olympic Green, Beijing
Events Tennis
Seating Capacity 17,400

Olympic Green Tennis Court
Olympic Green Tennis Court in Beijing, which was opened to public on October, 2007, would host all tennis matches in the Beijing Olympics 2008. The venue would host preliminaries and finals of singles and doubles for men and women. The place would also hold the Paralympic Wheelchair Tennis competitions.

Olympic Green Tennis Court lies over an area of 41.22 acres or 16.68 hectares with a floor space of 285,394 square feet or 26,514 square meters. The centre has competition courts and six training courts. The main court is the largest among the courts.

Seating Capacity
The venue has the seating capacity of 17,400 seats, all of which are permanent. 10,000 seats are in the main court; 4,000 seats in the No. 1 court; 2,000 seats in the No. 2 court; and 1,400 seats in the seven preliminary competition courts at the No. 2 platform.

The flower-shaped tennis court has been specifically designed to ensure natural ventilation which would benefit both the athletes and the spectators. Three main courts of the centre are dodecagonal with each of the 12 sides as a stands. These sides look like 12 petals of a lotus flower. The small size of the tennis ball and its high speed has been taken into account while designing the structure. The stands have been kept deep enabling the viewers to have the best sight of the game.

Technologies Used
Several state-of-the-art technologies including shading technology, insulation technology, solar energy applications and GHP system have been adopted in the construction of the Olympic Green Tennis Center making it highly energy efficient structure. A domestic wastewater treatment system has been set up using a biological sewage treatment method. Geothermal heat pump system uses ground-source energy to cool and heat the court.