Here is information regarding Road Cycling Course for Beijing Olympics 2008. The race will start at Yongdingmen while it will culminate at Juyongguan.

Road Cycling Course Beijing

Location TBD
Event Cycling (Road Race)
Seats 3,000

Road Cycling Course
Road Cycling Course in Beijing is totally geared up now for hosting the event in Beijing Olympics 2008. Total length of the road cycling route will be 103.9 km. Groundbreaking date of the venue was April, 2007.

The Race
The race will start at Yongdingmen while it will culminate at Juyongguan. Places falling en route will be Dongcheng District, Xicheng District, Chongwen District, Xuanwu District, Chaoyang District, Haidian District, Changping District, and Yanqing District. Major beautification and refurbishment drive had been undertaken to make the area attractive to the eyes. A slew of parks have been developed alongside the route to make the run soothing.

Seat Capability
Seating capability available for the sports event is 3,000. However, all of these are temporary and none permanent. When the event culminates, the seats will be removed.

Development of New Parks
As part of the plan for complete development of the venue, several new parks have been developed in all the districts falling en route of the cycling route. All the regions have witnessed multifarious development activities. So many parks developed will provide Beijingers new places to go for leisurely activity. The parks have grass lawns, plaza, musical fountains, open-air dance floor, art wall, children's activity area, environment-friendly parking lots and public toilets. Natural surroundings of the town have kept in view while planning the flora planted in the parks. So the parks have perfectly blended with the surroundings. For safety and comfort of athletes and officials, all necessary arrangements have been done.

The neighboring area of the cycling route has been beautified laboriously. The land has been cleared around the road cycling route and reforested giving the region a complete green look. Buildings falling on the route have been repainted.