Here is information regarding Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium, venue for badminton and rhythmic gymnastics events in Beijing Olympics 2008.

Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium

Location Beijing University of Technology, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Events Badminton and Rhythmic Gymnastics
Seating Capacity 7,508 seats

Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium
Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium, located at the campus of Beijing University of Technology of Chaoyang District in Beijing. The venue would Badminton and Rhythmic Gymnastics events in the Beijing Olympics 2008. The gymnasium includes a competition hall and a warm-up hall.

Four building floors are above ground while one is below ground. The venue has the world's largest prestressed suspension dome ceiling 93 m in diameter. Advanced ventilation and air conditioning system have been deployed in the gymnasium, helping the venue gain the standards set by International Badminton Federation (IBF) and Gymnastics Federation. The IBF standard is a constant room temperature of 26 degrees Celsius, with the wind speed no higher than 0.2 m/s. The standard has been met in the gymnasium.

Several energy-saving and environmental-friendly methods have been used in the making of the gymnasium like rainwater recycling, ground-source heating in the winter, and a water-source heat pump for cooling in the summer.

Seating Capacity
The gymnasium has the seating capacity of 7,508 seats. Of these, 5,767 are permanent while the rest are temporary. The temporary seats would be removed after the Olympics.

Building area of the venue is 24,383 sq m. Gymnasium land area is 6,6124 sq m. The steel used in producing the dome weighs less than 1,200 tons, averaging 60 kg per sq m. The parking lot at the venue has the place for 243 cars.

Post Games
After the games, the venue would serve as an important cultural legacy for the University of Technology. It would serve both the school and society. The place would serve as the school's activity center, as a recreation center for the neighborhood residents, and as a training base for the national badminton team.