Get informed about Fengtai Sports Center Softball Field, venue for softball in Beijing Olympics 2008. The information includes its location, statistics and seat capacity.

Fengtai Sports Center Softball Field

Location Southwest of Beijing
Event Softball
Seating Capacity 13,500

Fengtai Sports Center Softball Field
Fengtai Sports Center Softball Field is hosting all softball related events in Olympics, 2008. The Sports Centre is located southwest of the city, about half an hour's drive from the Olympic green, where the National Stadium is. The Center is one of the venues renovated for the Olympics. The complex comprises of two competition grounds and one for training, with new blue seats for 10,000 spectators in the main stadium. This is the last time softball is making an appearance as an Olympic sport.

Floor area of the Sports Center is 15,570 square metre. Total number of seats in the stadium is 10,000. Main stadium holds 5,000 seats while 3,500 are in the reserve stadium. The stadium has 5,000 temporary seats. Groundbreaking date of the venue was July 28, 2005.

Renovation process in Fengtai Sports Center took around one year. Improvements include environmentally friendly and energy efficient materials, such as using solar energy to heat water for athletes and officials. The complex has two competition fields, two warm-up fields, an auxiliary building and some temporary facilities. All directives of International Olympic Committee (IOC) have been kept in view when developing the centre for the Olympics. With loads of hard work and expertise, the venue has been brought to the level of the Olympics. After an year of large scale, the stadium wears a completely different and fresh look now.

Prior to Olympics
Before the Olympics, the venue has hosted International Softball Federation's (ISF) XI Women's World Championship as a part of 'Good Luck Beijing' event.

The centre is located in southwest of Beijing. It is about five kilometers from the Beijing West Railway Station and close to the Western Fourth Ring road. The centre has a good parking lot too.