Olympic Green, the site of thirteen Olympics venues, has been specially developed for the Beijing Games 2008. Focus has been on Beijing's long-term development and the facilities.

Olympic Green

The Olympic Green, the heart of the Olympic games and the site of thirteen venues, is a huge 1,135 hectares section specially developed for the Olympic games. The Olympics Green, located at the historic north-south central axis of Beijing, includes the stunning Olympic Stadium and National Swim Center.

The Olympic Green has been designed by US design firm Sasaki. Attributes like sustainability and post-Olympic use have been incorporated in the design.

A Major Centre for Olympics
Almost half of the Beijing Olympics Games 2008 will be held at the Olympic Green. The section has a central area including competition venues, Olympic Village, the Main Press Center (MPC), the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) and a forest region.

Several subway stations would connect the Olympic Green and the downtown area. People could also choose buses, taxis or themselves drive to Olympic Green.

Long Term Focus
While developing the Olympic Green, Sasaki has focused on Beijing's long-term development and the facilities, including the 680 hectares of park, will be used in day-to-day life by Beijing residents. They will also be used in several other competitions. The apartments in the Olympic Village would be sold as commercial housing after the Games.