Get informed about Beijing Olympic Green Hockey Stadium, venue for hockey in Olympics, including its location, accessibility and seat capacity.

Beijing Olympic Green Hockey Stadium

Location Olympic Green
Event Hockey
Total Seating Capacity 17,000

Green Hockey Stadium
Beijing Olympic Green Hockey Stadium, holding hockey matches in Beijing Olympics 2008, is one of the temporary venues built for the Olympics. During the Olympics, 12 men's teams and ten women's teams will compete for two gold medals in the venue. : The twin hockey fields with a riot of color rise lie in the northern part of the Olympic Park.

The Field
The hockey field lies over an area of 15,546 square meters or 11.87 hectares. It comprises fields A and B, plus 14 auxiliary facilities, the stand and parking lots. Field A, at the western part of the place, has the seating capacity of 12,000, and will be used for the finals, while the 5,000- seat Field B located at the eastern part will be used for the preliminary matches. All the seats put here are temporary and will be removed after the Games. Groundbreaking date of the venue was December 28, 2005.

The hockey field is located at the intersection of Beijing's Fifth Ring Road and Beijing-Changping Expressway. The venue could be accessed by sorts of land transport.

Environment Friendly
Keeping with the commitment of protecting the environment and energy-preservation, all modern and high-tech concepts have been implemented. A sewage treatment plant has been set to recycle the waste water. For protecting the ozone layer, fluorine-free refrigerants have been used in the building's air-conditioning system. For providing hot water to the bathrooms of the athletes and officials, solar energy will be used. Automatic watering machines have been set up to water the field.

Post Olympics
After the Olympics, the park will be transformed into grasslands of the Olympic Forest Park. Man-made turfs have been laid in the hockey venue, and the space outside the two venues is being planted with trees.