Here is information about Beijing Workers' Gymnasium, venue for boxing bouts in Beijing Olympics 2008, including its location, seat capacity and parking lot.

Beijing Workers' Gymnasium

Location Chaoyang District, Beijing
Event Boxing
Seating Capacity 13,000

Beijing Workers' Gymnasium
Beijing Workers' Gymnasium, a renovated indoor gymnasium, would host the event of boxing in Beijing Olympics, 2008. The expanded and renovated gymnasium complex includes a 1,628-sq-m energy resource center, a main boxing arena, and two warm-up halls. The Gymnasium will also play a role in the Paralympics, scheduled to be organized after the Olympics culminate. Total land surface of the venue is 40,200 sq m.

The gymnasium has been structurally reinforced to protect it from an eight-magnitude earthquake. Improvements have been done for making tasks barrier-free like wheelchair ramps at the north, south, east, and west entrances and no-barrier restrooms in the spectator, VIP, and athlete areas. Wheelchair accessible seating areas have been made on the floor, near the competition area. Large scale updation has been done on ventilation, lighting, electrical equipment, acoustics and sound insulation, and spectator seats. Newly installed windows have given a major facelift to the gymnasium. The windows are made of an environmentally friendly aluminum alloy and are energy efficient.

Seating Capacity
The seating capacity of Beijing Workers' Gymnasium is 13,000. Of these, 12,000 are permanent while the remaining 1,000 are temporary and would be removed when the Olympics culminate. There are an additional 240 journalist seats, 30 VIP seats, and a VIP lounge.

Parking Lot
Parking of the gymnasium could accommodate 400 cars at any time.

Gym of Yesteryears
Beijing Workers' Gymnasium was originally built in 1961, for the 26th World Table Tennis Championships. The gym drew acclaim at that time as a fantastic place for sports. After the championships, the gym was used for holding several major sporting events. Many table tennis, basketball, and volleyball competitions were held in the gymnasium. The gym has been renovated for the Beijing Olympics, keeping in view the demands of changing times.