Know Laoshan Velodrome, a 250-metre Oval track, scheduled to hold track cycling event in Beijing Olympics 2008. Get informed about its location, seat capacity and other details.

Laoshan Velodrome

Location Laoshan, Shijingshan District, Beijing
Event Track Cycling
Seat Capacity 6,000 spectators

Laoshan Velodrome
Laoshan Velodrome, acclaimed for its excellent design, is a 250-metre oval shaped track, located in the eastern part of Beijing at Shijingshan District. Laoshan Velodrome is a brand new venue for track cycling, exists near the fencing center of the State Administration of Sport. The three-storey building would host Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The venue is equipped with high-tech equipments. For the Paralympics, the venue has a designated elevator to accommodate athletes with a disability when they need to access the basement-level athletes lounge, five meters below the competition ground. the elevator is big enough to fit a stretcher in case of an accident on the competition course.

The dome of the velodrome is arch-shaped. Its steel frame extends from inside to outside as the annual rings of a tree. The length between the smallest ring to the biggest ring is 60 meters, with each ring linked by innumerable steel frames. The roof is fitted with double-layer polycarbonate panels to let in ample amounts of natural light into the building -- enough to light the building for everyday purposes. No straight sunrays would fall on the cyclists. The high-tech room could also let in fresh air.

Laoshan Velodrome has been designed by Schuermann Architects, known for their design of several world-class venues.

Post Olympics
The Laoshan Velodrome would be utilised for international and national cycling competitions and training after the Olympic Games culminate.

The venue is 800 meters from the Bajiao Amusement Park stop of Beijing Subway Line 1. It could also be reached via numerous public bus routes. You could also take taxis or your own vehicle to the place. Two parking lots in Laoshan could admit 270 cars during the games.