Here is information about Yingdong Natatorium, a venue for water polo in Beijing Olympics 2008. Located in National Olympic Sports Centre of Beijing, it will also host modern pentathlon (swimming) events in the Olympics.

Yingdong Natatorium

Location National Olympic Sports Center
Event Water Polo, Modern Pentathlon (swimming)
Seating Capacity 6,000 seats

Yingdong Natatorium
Yingdong Natatorium, located in National Olympic Sports Centre of Beijing, is hosting Water Polo and Modern Pentathlon (swimming) events in Beijing Olympic, 2008. It is one the renovated Olympic venues in China. During the Paralympics, it will be used for training the athletes. The renovated natatorium is environment-friendly and energy-efficient.

Floor area of the venue is 44,635 square metre. Number of permanent seats here is 6,000. The groundbraking date of the venue is April 1, 2006. The place is 10.8 km from Beijing Railway station and 16.6 km from Railway Station, Beijing West.

Yingdong Natatorium features the idea of sustainable development, use of state-of-the-art materials to protect the environment and optimum use of natural ventilation and lighting. It sets an example of resources-saving, solid waste treatment, protection against electronic interference and the use of new products for ozone layer preservation. During renovation, high-standard energy-saving fenders made of aluminum, magnesium and manganese alloys have been used. Electric dormant windows have been put up to prevent dirty heat during the Olympic competitions and to introduce natural light for training and fitness activities after the Olympics. Sunshade curtains have been used inside, making sunlight available in maximum quantities to meet the needs of the Olympic competitions. The solar battery array on a neighboring structure can collect enough solar energy for the lighting and water-heating needs of the venue.

Post Games
After the games, the natatorium will meet the demands of Beijing residents for physical exercise. Equipped with all modern facilities, the centre will fulfill the demand of having a quality place for physical exercise.

Prior to Games
Yingdong natatorium served as the main venue for swimming in the 1990 Asian Games.