Get informed about China Agricultural University Gymnasium, venue for wrestling in Beijing Olympics 2008, including its location, statistics and seat capacity.

China Agricultural University Gymnasium

Location China Agricultural University (East Campus)
Event Wrestling
Total land surface 23,950 sq m

China Agricultural University Gymnasium
The China Agricultural University Gymnasium is an indoor arena, made for holding wrestling competitions in the 29th Olympiad, located in the East Campus of China Agricultural University. The gymnasium will also play host to the volleyball seating competition during the Beijing Paralympic Games. The venue covers an area of 23,950 square metres. Construction of the gymnasium commenced in the first half of 2005. It was ready for public use in July 2007.

Seating Capacity
Seating Capacity of the China Agricultural University Gymnasium is 8,200 which would be reduced to 6000 after the Olympics.

The Gymnasium's rooftop has a staggered, stair-like design, giving it a peculiar look. Natural lighting in daytime is a prime feature of the venue. Panes of glass separate the roof's step-design which could be automatically adjusted to allow for ventilation and to add natural lighting. The skylights provide enough lighting for daytime activities in the cloudy weather.

Three mats would be available for the wrestling competitions. An auxiliary training lobby will also be available for athletes during the Olympics. The lobby was actually a swimming pool which was backfilled with sand for the Olympics games purpose. The athletes could take a bath in geothermal water found in the university area.

Post Olympics
When the Olympics are over, the venue would be turned into a multi-functional facility for students of the China Agricultural University. Neighborhood residents would also be able to use the facility. Sports competitions for the games like badminton, table tennis, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, handball and indoor football would be organized in the stadium. The auxiliary training lobby will revive its original function as an indoor swimming pool. Thus the venue would continue serving the community even after the games.