Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium will hold handball events in Beijing Olympics 2008. The renovated gymnasium has the seating capacity of 7,000 spectators.

Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium

Location Beijing
Event Handball
Seating Capacity 7,000

Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium
Olympic Sports Centre Gymnasium in Beijing is an indoor innovated structure, located in Olympic Green, China. The venue would host handball event in Olympic, 2008. The stadium also has three handball training courts. The venue would also hold handball games in Paralympics. It will also be useful as a venue for goalball, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and wheelchair fencing.

The gymnasium has the seating capacity of 7,000 spectators. It covers the floor area of 47,410 sq m and consists of a 28,000 sq m gymnasium, 15,000 sq m training gym, and 4,410 sq m extension. The capacity of the gymnasium has been enhanced in all ways.

A gymnasium, which existed previously, was restructured and reinforced to meet the requirements of the International Olympic Committee. The gymnasium has been retrofitted with thermal insulating windows and doors. Addition of an aluminum alloy layer on top of the external wall has resulted in increased insulation and energy savings. A new main entrance for spectators has been created in the south hall of the gymnasium, replacing the older one. The new gymnasium has wheelchair accessible ramps and barrier-free restrooms. The athletes would also get the facility of training gymnasium. The amount of lighting and ventilation in the gymnasium could be controlled.

Post Games
After the culmination of the Olympics, the venue would be used by the residents as an activity centre. It would also serve as the training venue for the Chinese teams. Thus, it would not exhaust its utility after the Olympics.

Gymnasium of Yesteryears
The gymnasium was originally built for the 11th Asian Games in Beijing in 1990. It was considered the most advanced sports gymnasium at the time. With time, the gymnasium began to show signs of wearing. For the Olympics, it has been thoroughly refurbished, granting it a new look.