Get informed regarding Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium, venue for Football Preliminaries in Beijing Olympics 2008. The competition section includes a grand stadium, an aquatic sports Center, and an international sports exchange center.

Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium

Location Tianjin
Event Football Preliminaries
Area 78,000 square metres

Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium is hosting football preliminaries for 29th Olympics. The Stadium is located to the southwest of the city's downtown area.

The Stadium
The Stadium is segregated into three sections: the competition section, the comprehensive section, and the accommodation section. The competition section includes a grand stadium, an aquatic sports Center, an international sports exchange center, and an existing Tianjin sports indoor stadium.

The stadium has 56,300 regular seats, 62 box seats, and VIP platform. Its area is 78,000 square metres. The project went into construction in August 2003. The six-floor Tianjin Olympic Centre Stadium has length, width and height of 380, 270, and 53 meters, respectively.

The stadium meets all international competition standards. The media workroom can accommodate 300 reporters. A work area for press reporters is located adjacent to media workroom. The workroom is equipped with all necessary software. Class arrangements have been made for guest reception and accommodations, transportation and meals. The stadium has big marketplace, exhibition hall, conference room, and gym. The stadium is also equipped with a dining room, health care center and a separate section for both athletes and referees. The second floor of the Tianjin stadium has a sports and exercise hall.

Parking Lot
The ground floor of Tianjin stadium has a 22, 670 square meter indoor parking area.

Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium is easily available via all sorts of public transport. It falls on the route of several intra city buses. You could take taxis or opt for transporting yourself in your own vehicle.

Post Olympics Games
After the Olympics, the stadium will be used to provide the public with space for entertaining, exercising, and shopping. However, it will continue to host football competitions and play its role in promoting the game among the people of Tianjin.