Know Beijing Institute of Technology Gymnasium, which will hold volleyball events during the Beijing Olympics 2008. Know the venue, its location and seating capacity.

Beijing Institute of Technology Gymnasium

Location Beijing Institute of Technology
Event Volleyball
Seating Capacity 5,000

Institute of Technology Gymnasium
Beijing Institute of Technology Gymnasium, a distinguished indoor arena, is holding the Olympic Games volleyball events. The venue is a fine example of the principles of Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics and People's Olympics. It would also host the goal ball competition in the Paralympics. The 5,000-seat facility spans some 20,000 square meters.

Environment-friendly Design
Design of the venue reflects environmental-friendly, water-saving and energy-saving features. Three layers of insulation materials help in energy savings. These would absorb noise from potentially heavy rains during competitions. During the day, the venue would not any type of artificial lighting. It would make the most of natural light let in through multiple windows and skylights.

High-tech Design
State-of-the-art technology has been used for developing the gymnasium. For example, for building the roof, a material has been used which reduces the use of steel and results in a sturdy structure.

The venue features disabled-friendly features like barrier-free facilities that could accommodate even the disabled athletes and spectators. Over-sized toilet facilities could accommodate wheel chairs. Dumm drifts have been put between the competition venues and major functional rooms to assist visually impaired athletes. A special elevator has been installed in the north-east corner of the stadium to them. Wall corners have been wrapped with soft materials so that the disabled could not get hurt.

The traffic surrounding the venue extends in all directions. It falls on the route of many intra-city buses. You could also take taxi or your own car to the place. The venue has enough parking facilities to accommodate the visitors' vehicles.

Pre Olympics
Prior to Olympics, the venue hosted Volleyball China Club Tournament as a part of Good Luck Beijing events. It has also hosted the preliminary competitions of the Olympic volleyball.