Here is information about Beijing Workers' Stadium, a renovated stadium which will be used for holding the football event in Beijing Olympic 2008. The venue is locally known as Gongti.

Beijing Workers' Stadium

Location Chaoyand District, Beijing
Event Football
Seat Capacity 70,000

Beijing Workers' Stadium
Workers' Stadium in Beijing, locally known as Gongti or Gong Ti, is a renovated building which would be used for holding the football event in Beijing Olympic 2008. The Workers' Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium, is located in the Chaoyang District of north-eastern Beijing, China. Current seat capacity of the stadium is 70,000.

The Workers' Stadium in Beijing occupies the land area of 350,000 square meters. The oval-shaped stadium extends 282 meters from north to south and 208 meters from east to west, incorporating 24 sets of audience stands.

The renovated stadium meets all requirements of hosting Olympic football matches. Six anti-glare light systems have been installed. The angles of shine have been tweaked to eliminate shadows. Carbon fiber reinforcement technology has been introduced to reinforce the existing concrete structure, enabling the stadium to withstand seismic shocks.

A huge 120 square meter display screen has been put up, which can rotate a complete 180 degrees. When the Games are on, the screen will face inwards, enabling the spectators inside the stadium clearly see competition broadcasts. Post Games, the screen would be turned to face the road outside, where it would be used for public announcement services.

Water systems, drainage systems, automatic sprinkler systems, and fire detection systems in the stadium have been updated. Latest technology has been used for energy conservation.

Stadium of Yesteryears
The stadium was constructed in 1959 for the 10th anniversary of the People's Republic of China. It was then known as one of the Ten Great Buildings. The stadium has been renovated for the Olympics. The stadium was one of the main venues for the 1990 Asian Games, where the opening and closing ceremonies were held. Some high octane matches of the Beijing Guo'an Football Club are also held at the stadium. In the past it has hosted a number of international competitions

Events Hosted in Olympics
Workers' Stadium in Beijing will host the football quarter-finals and semi-finals in the Olympics 2008.