Beijing Wukesong Sports Center Baseball Field, host of baseball competition in Olympics 2008, includes two competition fields and one training field. Learn all about the stadium here.

Beijing Wukesong Sports Center Baseball Field

Location Wukesong, Beijing
Event Baseball
Seating Capacity 18,000

Wukesong Sports Center Baseball Field
Beijing Wukesong Sports Center Baseball Field is an indoor stadium developed for baseball competition in Beijing Olympic 2008. One of the largest buildings in the west of the city, the Sports Center is located on the western part of the Western Fourth Ring Road. The Centre spreads over an area of 63,000 square meters. The baseball field includes two competition fields and one training field.

Seat Capacity
While the Indoor Stadium can alone has seat capacity of 18,000 people, the fields can accommodate up to 15,000 people. Under the stadium's seats, there is an air intake. These comfortable seats have been designed according to human-body engineering. These are dustproof and static-free. Disabled-friendly seats have been placed in every part of the viewing area. Barrier-free passages have been made for the disabled to get to their seats.

Energy-conserving Environment-friendly
Environmentally friendly materials like epoxy colophony have been used in making the stadium's floors. The stadium's exterior features light, delicate and translucent laminated glass which also reduces ultraviolet radiation. High-tech glass walls ensure that the stadium need not be lighted in daytime. Reams of black tarp, made of biodegradable materials, have been used to cover the dusty ground. Air quality monitoring equipment has been installed to ensure that there is no harm to environment.

Pre Olympic Games
In March 2008, the stadium held the MLB China Series. Games were held between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres, marking the first time Major League Baseball teams play in China.

Post Olympics
After the Games, the Sports Center is expected to become one of the major sports centers for the people of West Beijing. It will exist as a remembrance of the international event. The venue will also be home to exhibitions and theater festivals providing entertainment to the people. It would be a centre of culture, sports, leisure and recreation and commercial activities.