Get informed about Laoshan Bicycle Moto Cross Venue, will give birth to the first ever Olympic BMX gold medal. The venue is one of Beijing based places for 2008 Olympics.

Laoshan Bicycle Moto Cross (BMX) Venue

Location Shijingshan District, Beijing
Event Cycling (BMX)
Area 1.98 hectares

Laoshan Bicycle Moto Cross
Laoshan Bicycle Moto Cross (BMX) Venue will give birth to the first ever Olympic BMX gold medal. It is one of the 31 Beijing-based venues for the 2008 Olympic Games. One of the best tracks in the world for BMX cycling, it is hosting both men and women games events.

Know the Venue
To help athletes maintain speed and to facilitate their stunts, the entire cycling BMX track is slightly downhill with a four meter decline. Separate male and female tracks have been made, crossing each other at some points. The tracks have been designed according to the current levels of the sport. The race track is bowl shaped with the court placed at the bottom of the bowl. The women's track is shorter and it intersects with that of the men's. However, it does not interfere with it.

For the safety of the riders and the service life of the track, a bituminous layer has been added at the curve track. The method is applied for the first time in a BMX venue. The construction of the venue has been assisted by the International Cycling Union (UCI) which sent a group of experts to assist in the development of the project.

The venue lies over an area of 1.98 hectares and is 300-400 meters in diameter. The track is ten meter wide at the point of start and five meter wide at other points. The track contains jumps, flattops, and several other obstacles. The slopes and obstacles of Laoshan Bicycle Moto Cross venue have been designed by the technical officials from the UCI.

Pre Olympics Events
The venue hosted the Good Luck Beijing 2007 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup competitions from August 20-21, 2007, to test its preparations for the Beijing Olympics.