Get information about Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center, venue for sailing in Beijing Olympics 2008 including its location and seat capacity.

Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center

Location Qingdao
Event Sailing
Area 45 hectares

The Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center, located at the former Beihai dockyard in FuShan Bay, is hosting the Sailing Regattas of the Olympics, 2008 as well as the 13th Paralympic Games. The Center covers a total area of 45 hectares, two thirds of which is being utilized for the competitions. 15 hectares have been earmarked for development after the games. The facilities in the Olympic Sailing Center have earned the reputation as 'the best in Asia'.

Making of the Project
Both onshore and offshore work has been undertaken to complete the project. The offshore work included the main seawall, the secondary seawall, the jetty wharf, Olympic wharf, and the retaining wall reconstruction. The land based work covers approximately 45 hectares and includes the making of many functional buildings and supporting infrastructure.

Facilities Available
Essential facilities set up for Qingdao Sailing Center include Qingdao Olympic Sub-Village, Athletes Center, Administrative Center, Venue Media Center and Logistics Center. Measurement Tent, Boat Parking Area, Launch Ramps, Olympic Memorial Dock and Main Breakwater have also been set up. Some more facilities have been developed for temporary use of the Games. A non-permanent surveying shed and a pontoon has been put up on the embankment and the western quay to facilitate transportation and observation.

Pre Olympic Games
Good Luck Beijing-2006 and 2007 Qingdao International Regatta events have been successfully held at the venue.

Post Olympics
Olympic Sailing Center will continue to serve sailing even after the Olympics. The Athletes Center will be made a public area. Olympic Regatta Musuem, leisure and entertainment facilities will be set up at the place. Venue Media Center will be converted into a yachting club. Thus, the center will continue playing a role in making sailing popular among the youngsters of Qingdao.