Peking University Gymnasium is developed for holding table tennis competition in the Beijing Olympics 2008. Learn about its location, statistics and seating capacity.

Peking University Gymnasium

Location Peking University
Events Table Tennis
Total land surface 26,900 sq m

Peking University Gymnasium
Peking University Gymnasium is an indoor venue, developed for holding table tennis competition in the Beijing Olympics 2008. The Chinese name for table tennis is ping pong qiao. The venue is just 8 km away from the central Olympic Village. Peking University Gymnasium is the world's first sports venue designed and built for table tennis competitions.

Gymnasium Statistics
Total area of the Peking University Gymnasium is 26,900 sq m. The venue includes a natatorium and is 122.6 m long from south to north and 87.7 m wide from east to west. The place on the first floor where the table tennis competitions would be held is 47 m long and 39.5 m wide, has room for eight competition tables.

Seating Capacity
The gymnasium has the seating capacity of 8,000 people. Of these, 6000 seats are permanent while the rest are temporary.

The roof of the gymnasium, resembling a ping pong or table tennis ball, is one of the most complicated Olympic construction projects. It seems like a spaceship is about to land. The venue's outer gray shell blends in well with Beijing's Silicon Valley. As tennis balls are very light, strict requirements have been met, in particular with regards to wind speed. The air-conditioning system of the gymnasium releases air no faster than 0.2 m/sec, fulfilling the requirement. The gymnasium's double-layer metal surface is waterproof and heat insulating. It also eliminates noise from rainfall, and the walls are capable of absorbing sounds. The spectator seats have air replacement vents installed underneath, which lessens the dependence on air conditioning.

Zhibeizi courtyard garden, located in vicinity, and thousand-year-old trees give it that oriental flavor which visitors to the middle kingdom love.

Post Games
After the games, the gymnasium could be utilized for several competitions, including table tennis, handball, basketball, badminton, and volleyball. The gymnasium would play a role in meeting the needs of physical education, training and recreation of the university students and the locals.