National Indoor Stadium will host artistic Gymnastics, trampoline and handball during Beijing Olympics 2008. Know about location, statistics and seating capacity of the venue here.

National Indoor Stadium

Location Olympic Green
Events Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline and Handball
Opening November 26, 2007
Seating Capacity 19,000

National Indoor Stadium
National Indoor Stadium is an indoor arena stadium, constructed for Beijing Olympic, 2008. Located in the Olympic Green, the stadium will host artistic Gymnastics, trampoline and handball. It is also the proposed competition venue for Wheelchair Basketball during the Paralympic Games after the Olympics. The National Indoor Stadium is located in the south of the Olympic Center.

National Indoor Stadium, Beijing, occupies a total area of 6.87 hectares, with an overall construction space of about 80,900 square meters. The seating capacity of the National Indoor Stadium is 19,000. Construction of the National Indoor Stadium started in the first half of 2005.

National Indoor Stadium, Beijing incorporates energy efficient design, digital technology, natural lighting, water conservation, wooden flooring, solar power generation, communications and broadcasting equipments, fire controlling equipments and network system equipments etc. The stadium has been decorated with 200 photos of beautiful natural scenery, displaying the results of Chinese protection and conservation efforts. The photos add a splash of liveliness to the stadium.

The FIG, the HIV and the FIVB have approved the National Indoor Stadium as a suitable venue for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games gymnastic competitions, Olympic Handball competitions and Olympic Volleyball competition.

Post Olympic Use
When the Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games are culminated, the National Indoor Stadium will become a first-class sports facility for the local people, with both sports competition and entertainment functions. It would be the place for large scale cultural programs. Thus, it would continue serving the people. It would serve the customer groups with leisure and recreation programs, catering, shopping, international sports, education institutes, tourism, facility leasing and exhibition services. These services would in addition to the sports facilities it would provide.